It's A Mystery One-of-a-Kind!

GSaleHunter delights in uncovering kooky one-of-a-kinds and this one exceeds all expectations. The issue with selling OOAK (one-of-a-kinds) is that research is near impossible …I mean there has to be more than one in existence to get GoogleFu results.

OK here it is in all it’s OOAK Glory

At first glance it looks like a peacock head on an elephant body with a beaver tail, with some baskets and an ash tray on top. We guessed incense censer in first search, but that cigar ash tray type configuration is a shared design in antique oil lamps from the the Middle East and Southern Asia. The body is basically a stand to keep the fire away from whatever surface …ok getting closer not the fire, the Search!



In searching OOAKs "less can be more". Once you figure out some solids like “oil lamp” you can cast a wider net and simply look at a few hundred pictures. The legs are obviously elephant legs, so even though it has a peacock head and a beaver tail we can leave those out, and the definitive query that delivers is…

And B00M not so OOAK, although there were just a few examples that came really close. As we dug deeper and examined similar oil lamps, what became clear was how each was somehow different. This Indian Oddity still gets to claim OOAK status because it seems the base design is intended for customization. 

A peacock head and tail on an elephant body was added by the Artisan to create a unique piece to compete in the local Marketplace. A lot of work goes into brass castings. Here is an example of this type oil lamp from Pinterest, and you can check this out on YouTube to see exactly how this Dhokra Art is traditionally hand cast in India

Another mystifying Vintage Quest completed! We learned more than intended and that always happens, but that is the purpose of this blog! ...sharing our Vintage Google Journey with you. This was definitely sold for actual use as an oil lamp, and it's primitive and frugal origins likely garner it antiquity status.

Whether it is an antique or just a Primitve hand made piece, it's definitly a Curiosity to spice up your decor from the Curious World that is! Not sure I would recommend if you are actually trying to acquire an oil lamp to light your home, but you can check this little Estate find out right here on GSH priced at the Curiosity price, not the Antique price.

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