About Us

As Mid-Century babies, we sat on Gramma’s plastic covered sofa eyeballing vaulted china cabinets filled with rarely-used wedding china, sparkling crystal and knick-knacks. Life-long collections and cherished gifts, handed down through generations, crafted by master hands, and touched by few. Now our visits to Estate Sales are as exciting as they are humbling. The old chestnut "You can't take it with you..." rings truer-than-true and we take solemn pride and joy in our gentle vocation ...re-discovering those beloved treasures, wherever they may hide, and finding them a new admirer.

Anyone who has sold their home and moved, or suffered the loss of a loved one, learns that in the final logistics those lifelong collections can be bagged up and put on the curb, or donated to Charity.  Often time there is simply no more room on the moving truck.  We see ourselves as Guardians on the brink of that Abyss, quite often rescuing someone’s lifelong collectible passion from mistakenly ending up as landfill.

David and Catherine are the GSale Hunters in Maryland USA, who proudly run two 5-Star rated shops on eBay and Etsy. As a husband and wife team we started hunting garage sales in the 70’s to decorate that College apartment on a budget. Those first treasure hunts grew into a shared passion that has never stopped.

David comes from a family of Antique dealers, so was exposed from an early age to antique Auctions and picking.  Cat is a trained Fine Artist and lifelong student of Popular Style.  As children of the Mid-Century, Mod teens of the 60's and 70's, and frugal new parents of the 80’s, we shared an intimate life experience of what is now today’s Vintage Marketplace.  Quite often, surely like many of our customers, we exclaim “…we used to have one of those!”

Our passion takes us from Flea Markets to Estate Sales and every G-Sale along the way.  As Man and Wife our interests differ, but our focus is always on the high-quality and classical Design values inherent in Vintage and Mid Century Modern. Perusing our shop, you will quickly see that we are not "married" to any one style. From hand-wrought tools to hand-knotted lace we not only appreciate the lines, colors, textures and blending periods of 20th Century Décor, but lived through that evolution of the Industrial and Social Revolutions which drove so much creative diversity.

Please join us Social Media as we have so much to share.  Get glimpses of our latest finds before they are posted to the Catalog on "Featured Items", and discover some of our picking spots. Historical research of our newly acquired treasures is very important to us, but often is too lengthy to tag onto catalog listings, so subscribe and check back often for a more detailed breakdown of the obscure.  Catch our “Before and After” series to see exactly what “Farm Fresh” looks like, and the transformation after a little expert TLC.

At GSH we are always on the hunt, dedicated to rescuing orphaned treasures and finding them a new life - with YOU.  Even better, offer some behind the scenes tips and tricks and the deeper backstory and historical knowledge which drives the value of those collectibles.