Antique Hindu 19th Century India Oil Lamp Traditional Dhokra Elephant Tortoise w Peacocks

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Antique Hindu Hand Cast Brass Traditional Dhokra Elephant with Peacocks India Oil Lamp. The Dhokra craft is centuries old Tribal Art and is the practice of "Cire Perdue" brass metal casting where the outer surface of the core wax model is covered with multiple strands of wax wire. This piece appears to be 19th Century.

Made of bell-metal, this tribal oil lamp displays a majestic Brass Hand Cast Elephant or Tortoise with Peacocks. On this piece there is a Peacock head on an elephant body with a tortoise leg.

All the elements are uniquely arranged including the top of the lamp with intricate engravings and patterns hand crafted by the Artisan. This lamp has seen some travels and appears rustic and well loved. There is a slight bend to the piece in places and a rustic primitive style.

Wonderful conversation and collectible piece. Appears to be some damage in the casting on the feet, this would be a good restoration piece. It measures 6" Tall x 5 1/8" L at the top and stands on a 3" Base.

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