Did UCAGO Quietly Become UC&GC in 1956?

I will make this quick. I spent too much time researching this Maker's mark, but the results are clear ...to me. I think I have uncovered something that has been mistakenly referred to for a half Century! ...well at least on the Internet. This Detective work was about trying to look up a silly ceramic figurine with a gold foil sticker sporting a poorly conceived logo. I clearly see a tiny "Ampersand" and read this as UC&GC, but only under magnification (remember this is very magnified). It is easy to see the confusion.


Here's the rub. Try googling UC&GC and you'll get nothing. No one can see the ampersand and thinks that is a "C" or an "O" ...so try googling UCGC ...B00M, results by the ton. Try finding out who UCGC is (Manufacturer? History?), lots of product Image search results for their Gift Craftware, but no one knows who is UCGC. So I am closing in and trying different queries against the Googlemachine and I think I have uncovered an as-yet-unknown sticker Identity. GSaleHunter the King and Queen of No One Cares!

I looked for entirely too long and could not find this simple sticker linked to a Manufacturer. The same logo presents with "Japan" and "Taiwan". The important part is *everyone* is wrong about who this represents and are usually only described in product listings as a UCGC Maker's mark, so allow me some bragging rights ...even though my assumption is not verified, it will quickly become an obvious "ooooh yeeeah".

So I did this alphabetically and it became clear. Reading the Japanese porcelain Maker's marks on Gotheborg you can scroll down to the "U"s and read the History of Ucagco - United China and Glass Company, which now seems to be a sadly incomplete story. Ucagco sold in 1956 and it's lead Designer and CEO retired in 1962, and the story ends there ...and so did the recognizable gold foil stickers "Ucagco" on their Gift Craft line. I am supposing that newly led company which purchased the 100-year-old (famous!) United China and Glass Company, wanted to come up with a new logo and sticker design for all their new products.

Ok, you get an "F" on your logo design if it forever defeats anyone knowing who you are, which I believe is exactly the case here. A tiny "&" tucked into cramped letters? Maybe it looked good on the Drawing Board. GSaleHunter hereby rectifies the confusion ...although I could be totally wrong. UCGC is actually UC&GC, the 1962 rebranded United China & Glass Co. of Sammons Enterprises. Please share any information below!

Check your stickers people (magnifier or cell phone camera required!) on all those kitchy porcelain figurines. Verification? What happened to Ucagco products after being transitioned to the new owners in 1962? What products did they make, and how were those Sammons Enterprises Imports labeled? I'm saying with the above stickers. More guessing based on historical trends. The "UC&GC Japan" stickers represent products from the 1960's (post-1962?) and stickers with "UC&GC Taiwan" represent products made as Taiwan stole Japan's export crown in the 1970's 

This is an uncovered topic anywhere. Now the conversation is initiated and hopefully you found us when you googled UC&GC  Join the conversation and join our Social Media on InstagramTwitter and Facebook, and sign up with your email to get our newest Tips and Tricks and the next episode of "Before and After"  See our other Blog "Researching Vintage" to learn how we prep and research incoming new treasures. Thanks for stopping by,

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  • CIndy on

    I have a 17” boulbous , graduating in size from bottom to top, with a flared top much like Fenton glass vases. The pink color is also similar to Fenton. The sticker says UCAGCO made in Italy. Wondering how rare this vase may be. Thanks!

  • GSaleHunter on

    Thanks all for some very relevant posts! I already gave two example stickers above, and surely there are more. The main reason I wrote this (?) …my own confusion. I could not be the only one struggling to identify these Vintage treasures, and the Internet history of this company’s Mid-Century business transition is thin.

    Thanks for the additional breadcrumbs folks~! The 50’s 60’s and 70’s were volatile and highly competitive times in International Trade. The United China and Glass Company apparently leveraged many Import opportunities, to survive as sands shifted in both annual trends and their Giftware suppliers countries of origin. …wow, Peru? Why is there so little known, or just not Internet searchable? I blame a microscopic “&”
    Awesome shares, thanks again,

  • Dawn on

    I have a ceramic pastel/off pink round bowl type but with a flat bottom and a lid it reminds me of something like a powder puff container (big bowl type with perfumed powder and a big fluffy powder puff) women used back when dressing tables and perfume you held and squeezed the ball to spray. It has the makers mark

  • rebecca kodges on

    I have a vase with the same foil UC & GC but Peru is the country. I guess they had a Peruvian maker also??

  • Joan Maness on

    Thank you for the info. I have a Mardi Gras Face Mask Decor. that has the little silver tag UC&GC.
    Your article in regards to your research has been extremely interesting and helpful.
    Thanks a Million

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