Vintage Grapefruit Serrated Knife, Stainless Steel with Jade Bakelite Handle

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This 6 1/2" sawtooth serrated Grapefruit Knife is stamped Stainless and has a translucent green marbled Bakelite handle mounted via a pewter bolster. The curved blade with slight serrations will provide a better degree of safety for someone avoiding sharp knives, but can still core that breakfast half grapefruit, plus get those pesky muffins and stubborn cupcakes out of the pan!

The rounded Bakelite handle looks like polished Jade but passes the Bakelite-rub-smell test (rubber tires). The stainless blade is thin and a bit flexible with light scratches (Brillo pad?) but sturdy in the handle. While unmarked (50's Japan?), this was a little jewel ...sturdy overall, very good Vintage condition with an eye-catching handle.  I could have easily buffed this to a beautiful high shine, but respectfully left it Farm fresh.

A great safe choice for children and the Elderly ...made to cut grapefruit not people. Also made to look fabulous on any Asian breakfast setting!

Weight 1 oz

3 1/2" blade

6 1/2" overall length

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