19th Century Hand Blown Hollow Stem Iron Green Goblets, Set of 5

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Wonderful old Antique hand blown hollow stem pedestal base iron green goblets, set of 5.  The somewhat primitive yet consistent quality of the glasses, air bubbles, hollow stem, green color (iron as colorant) and rough blowpipe pontil are all indications of hand blown glasses produced with early glass blowing techniques.  Hollow stems are rare and hard to find. The set has the typical color and striations, inclusions and tiny air bubbles, characteristics of early glass, likely mid 19th Century (pre-1850).  The glasses have a unique charm, no two glasses being exactly the same. There are no chips, cracks or any evidence of restoration.  Unmarked.

Each glass measures approximately 6 3/8" T x 4" Diameter at top x 2 3/4" Base.  


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